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Let's Argue About Plants

Mar 25, 2022

They’re often called the “exclamation points” of the landscape, drawing attention in a not-so-subtle way. Of course, we’re talking about columnar (AKA fastigiate) plants and today we’re highlighting some of the best options. Skinny plants are invaluable for several reasons other than their ability to catch the eye. They also have a small footprint which makes them ideal for siting in narrow places including along the side of a house or in a tight spot between established plants in a border. Their habit is clear, concise, and always intriguing. Along with our guest, Richie Steffen from the Elizabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, we’re discussing skinny trees, shrubs, and even a few perennials that will give your garden an instant focal point like no other.

Special guest: Richie Steffen is executive director for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, Washington.