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Let's Argue About Plants

Jun 3, 2022

When late May and June hits, we can’t help wandering out into the garden with a pair of shears in hand. Bringing fresh flowers into the house seems like a seasonal rite of passage for most gardeners (at least those that don’t have allergies). But it can be a hard to cut those precious blooms and take them away from the landscape. That’s why today we’re talking about plants (perennials, annuals, and even shrubs) that we grow specifically for their flower-power. These options provide plenty of blooms for the garden AND the vase, and that’s why they’re our favorites. We span the color spectrum as well, with recommendations for every hue imaginable. And, we even have several selections that are deliciously fragrant. If you’re looking to add some cutting garden oomph to your beds and borders, give this episode a listen.  

Special guest: Christine  Alexander, digital content editor for Fine