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Let's Argue About Plants

Jun 17, 2022

The original title of this episode was, Big and Bold Plants for the Back of the Border. But between the length and the tongue-twister alliteration, we shorted it a bit for promotional purposes. However, on today’s program you’ll hear all about plants that really stand out in the last row of the garden choir. These perennials and shrubs are tall, yes. But they have so much more going for them than simply their towering presence. The featured plants offer a grounding and bold backdrop for your garden beds, but don’t flop all over the place. Some have excellent texture, others bodacious blooms, and a few even provide that beefiness during all four seasons. If you’re looking for something to enhance—not just fill in—the back of the border, give this episode a listen.

Special guest: Courtney Olander, landscape designer from Seattle, Washington.