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Let's Argue About Plants

Jul 15, 2022

We all know and love parsley, sage rosemary, and thyme. And then there’s sweet basil which is perhaps the queen of all the herbs. But what about those herbs that are just as tasty—or attractive—but don’t get the same accolades? For those unsung heroes of the herb garden, we put together this episode. You’ll hear about a deliciously spicy lemon basil, an elegant edible flower with brilliant orange blooms, and a marigold that resembles a mint. There are a mix of herbs grown for ornamental and edible purposes and some that can be put firmly in both those categories. Looking to spice up your garden with something a bit out-of-the-ordinary? Then give this latest episode a listen.  

Expert testimony:

Sue Goetz, author of A Taste for Herbs and Complete Container Herb Gardening, is a garden designer and garden coach based in Washington state.