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Let's Argue About Plants

Mar 8, 2019

Truth time: We feel pretty “meh” about daylilies. However, there is no denying they’re tough, low-care plants that have lovely large blooms. They are also relatively disease-free and can grow in a myriad of places. But for some reason they never seem to make our heart skip a beat when shopping at the nursery. Perhaps it’s because certain cultivars (we’re talking to you ‘Stella Doro’ and ‘Happy Returns’) have been so overused in commercial landscapes they ruined it for the whole genus. In this episode we put our preconceived notions aside and delve deeper into daylilies, revealing several cultivars that are not only beautiful, but worthy of a spot in your borders.


Expert testimony: Nikki Schmith, Past President of the American Daylily Society.