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Let's Argue About Plants

Jan 22, 2021

Asking listeners to submit questions for our annual Q & A episode is a bit like sending out party invitations (in pre-COVID) and hoping that someone shows up. Thankfully, you guys not only showed up but you brought snacks and drinks too! We got an overwhelming numbers of questions submitted for this episode, so we weren’t able to answer them all. But, we did pick out a handful to tackle to the best of our ability. We cover evergreen percentages, garden design tips, and why your water may be killing your houseplant. Even our faithful sidekick Peter got in on the action and had a few questions of his own. Whether you sent us a question that we didn’t get a chance to answer or didn’t ask a question at all, hopefully you’ll glean some insight from our answers. Or at least be amused by our best attempt to offer advice! We like to think of ourselves as the garden equivalent of Dear Abby, but sadly we’re not.

Listener audio question: Elizabeth Haller, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.