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Let's Argue About Plants

May 7, 2021

Spring has long ago sprung and now that all the pruning, dividing, and mulching is done we’re ready to plant up our containers. Like many of you, we are tempted to try something new every year and sometimes end up with a plant that is worthwhile. But we always make sure to incorporate a few tried-and–true container plants. These are selections that never let us down, and if you were to show up on our doorstep tomorrow, you’d likely see them filling in our pots (just call ahead, we want to be sure to pick up a little bit before your arrival). We’ve got fillers, thrillers, and even some spillers on the list, so be sure to listen for some sure-fire options.

Expert testimony: Riz Reyes, a horticulturist and floral designer based in Seattle, Washington.