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Let's Argue About Plants

Jul 15, 2021

It pretty much seems like drought is the norm these days.  No matter where you live—East Coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between—periods of no rain are commonplace. Some gardeners out there have been dealing with droughty conditions for decades while others are just starting to learn what a “real” drought-tolerant plant is. After a record-breaking dry spell last summer (and it looks like we’re shaping up to have much of the same this year), Steve and Danielle decided to highlight some of their favorite plants for dry conditions. Some are East Coast favorites (after all, that’s where we garden) but others are West Coast stunners and there’s even a Colorado native plant that has proven itself useful in gardens around the country.

Expert testimony: Leslie Harris is the owner of LH Gardens, a firm in Charlottesville, Virginia, that designs, installs, and maintains gardens.